RMA Service

On this page you will find all necessary information to ensure a smooth and fast RMA process. Please pay close attention to the instructions below when sending back products. This will guarantee an optimal reclamation process.

  • Period of warranty is 2 years from date of purchase unless other manufacturer terms apply
  • Please note that RMA requests for certain products must only be processed directly with the respective manufacturer
  • Unregistered returns cannot be accepted and will be sent back
  • Please be as specific as possible with your error description. “Defective” or “no function” is not sufficient
  • Used (i.e. empty) printer supplies as well as recorded media cannot be taken back

To register a RMA please download our RMA form below. Please note that our contact details have changed - make sure to always use the latest forms on our website:

  RMA Form
  RMA Documentation
  Direct RMA Processing

Step-by-step guide for you RMA request

Step 1
Completely fill out the attached RMA request form. Please note that detailed error descriptions for each defective product must be provided. Then send the filled out form back to our customer service via email rma@mediacom-it.de or by fax (+49) 07242 / 70 245-77.

Step 2
After reviewing your RMA inquiry our customer service will send you back the RMA request form with a corresponding RMA number.

Step 3
Please use only this form with the corresponding RMA number and attach it clearly visible from the outside to your return package. Freight collect parcels cannot be accepted.

Step 4
After receiving and processing your return consignment you will normally obtain a credit advice (respectively a replacement) which is subject to functional testing.

Direct RMA processing

please note that RMA requests for products from the manufacturers listed below must only be processed directly with the respective manufacturer.

Manufacturer: Western Digital

Online RMA processing
Please click here for online RMA processing